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PT. Pelita Sehat Abadi ( PSA, formerly known as Pelita Sehat) was founded in 1974, and its first bussiness was production of Steel Construction and Sluices.
In seeing more profitable opportunities and based on the first purchasing order from PT. Pantja Motor, a welding jig for Isuzu Elf car was produced. In the earlier days welding jig is known as a standard instrument in component assembling ( either sub-assy or final-assy) in aircraft industry.
Due to following technological progress, working specialization and more competitive environment, PSA has specialized its main field of bussiness as an industry in manufacturing jigs, tools and fixtures. This has to be supported by completed facility and supporting devices as well as the quality of its human resources.
PSA was growing up and developed rapidly while the automotive industries in Indonesia is also quickly developed.
PSA increased machinery and measurement technology, a better quality control process and always adjusting to the new things that needed such as the using of Pneumatics System, Hydraulic System and Electrical System at the products to fulfill the customer demand.
Recently, in the free trade and global market era, PSA applied both procedural and international quality standard by arranging and developing Quality Management System ( QMS) gradually, integrately and continuously.

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